The Five Commandments of a Company’s Social Media

Every business and entrepreneur understands the importance of social media for their brand, visibility and sales, but it can be hard to ensure your social media strategy is a well-rounded approach. As leading experts in social media, we have created the five commandments of your company’s social media.


There’s no point having popular social media platforms like Twitter if you aren’t regularly updating them! Content is incredibly important to your social media strategy. And there are some important rules to follow. Though your goal might be sales, you cannot take a 100% sales approach if you want engagement and good relationships with your followers. We design content that spreads your company’s values but encourages engagement and discussion. As well as publishing videos on platforms such as Youtube.

Bloggers and Influencers

Rise Communications states “Social media content and campaigns should always be expertly tailored to express your message, highlight your cause and directed at your target market. A great way of reaching your target market is with the help of bloggers and influencers. Online personalities have spent years building up a great relationship with their followers so, of course, collaborating with them helps you reach this audience! At Social Buzzing, we help match-make your brand to the right influencers and propose creative ideas.”


Organic content only takes your message so far. No social media campaign is complete without an advertising budget and an advertising plan. At Social Buzzing, we analyse the relevant trending topics and seasons that are key to your sales and target market. We help you stay ahead of these seasons with carefully curated advertising campaigns that will inspire your target market and increase your following. We will also make sure your company is listed on popular directories such as and YELP.


With the internet so easily accessible, gone are the days of blind trust! Potential customers and clients will most likely research your company before investing, and negative reviews need careful handling. However, lots of companies forget to check their online reputation and don’t have a strategy for managing it. At Social Buzzing, we help list your company on the most popular review sites such as Deskjock and 192. We will monitor and feedback common comments and help increase your positive reviews so you can be sure to create a trustworthy reputation!


We are sure your website is optimised to express your product and service to any potential customers and clients, but how often do you update your blog? Blogs are crucial to a company’s website for two main reasons. Firstly, regularly updating your website helps improve your SEO and Google ranking, ensuring you remain at the top of the search when people look for relevant keywords in your market. Secondly, blogs give something of value to your customers or clients, ensuring your knowledgeable reputation and their returned visit to your page.

At Social Buzzing, we understand where your potential customers and clients spend their time on the web and how best to capture (and hold) their attention! We take a multiple-pronged approach to your social media strategy and ensure every campaign reaches its full potential, fulfilling their purpose.


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