If you work in an office, then it is highly likely that you have painted a picture in your head as to what your ideal office would be like. This infographic, produced by HR on line from Cezanne HR, has taken stats from all over Britain to establish what the ideal office would be if we all put our minds together. What would you prefer? An environment where you can do what you want? Fancy office pets? How about the dress code? What would your ideal perks of the job be? Ideal offices range from person to person, but the people of Britain have spoken and here are the results!

That’s right, the results are in and it is now clear that Britain’s perfect office involves a fun and creative culture, running from 8am-4pm. The boss behind the madness would be Richard Branson, who would allow employees to work autonomously yet be managed when necessary. Team bonding exercises would take place occasionally, and not to mention going out for beer every Friday!

Do you agree with the results? Maybe you should show them to your boss…

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