The term ‘transpromo’ is being referenced more and more in marketing discussions. Phil Hutchison, Tactical Marketing Director Pitney Bowes UK and ROI discusses ’transpromo’ and how smaller businesses can benefit.

What is it?

‘Transpromo’ is the fast-growing practice of adding promotional messages and advertisements to mandatory transactional communications (so called because the document is a cross between a ‘transactional’ bill or statement and a promotional marketing message). In this way, transactional documents such as bills or statements can be made to work harder, transforming into dynamic marketing vehicles and providing a cost-effective means of putting promotional and cross-selling opportunities in front of the customer.

Why add marketing messages to transactional communications?

The fact is, transactional documents such as statements receive more attention than any other type of mailed communication. Our own research reveals that European consumers spend an average of just over three-and-a-half minutes reading their monthly printed bank statement, compared to just under two minutes reading a piece of direct mail that is targeted towards them. So – by including marketing messages on or with documents that already gain the consumer’s full attention, marketers can increase the exposure given to offers.

Of course, transactional documents are not limited to bank statements. There are a number of other communication types that businesses regularly dispatch and which could all act as a vehicle for marketing messages. Examples include booking or sale confirmations, invoices, reminder notices, regulatory communications, contracts, quotations, guarantees and more.

Transpromo messaging should not replace direct marketing activity. Rather, it should be seen as an opportunity to boost promotional work, using mandatory documents that are already being delivered on a regular basis. The fact that these documents are already being dispatched makes transpromo a highly cost-efficient way of increasing the marketing push.
How do I get started?

Any business sending regular transactional documents to customers can benefit from a transpromo strategy. For smaller businesses, the marketing messages accompanying these documents can be included as inserts within the envelope. This practice is made quick and efficient by desktop technology which automates the folding and insertion of communications.

As ever with any customer-facing documents, data is key. For transpromo to truly take effect, marketing messages should be targeted towards specific groups of customers – perhaps those in a particular location, or those who have demonstrated loyalty over a certain period – thereby tailoring the offer to the recipient.

The software also exists to enable businesses to embed their offers and messages within the transactional document. Any white space on the page is effectively treated as ‘document real-estate’, transforming a single-purpose communication into a document that performs two vital tasks.

Businesses are also wising up to the fact that the envelope itself can be an important marketing tool. The latest digital meters and addressing printers enable companies to add colourful brand logos or promotional offers, meaning the communication doesn’t even have to be opened for the message to hit home.

Transpromo – the time is now

In the current business climate, organisations of every size are looking to do more for less. Transpromo offers just such an opportunity, serving to drive greater value from documents that are already being dispatched.

It’s time to make your documents work harder.

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